Butterfinger Manny Pacquiao
Get In Our Corner

talent logistics, photoshoot, social images, gifs, animated video,
webpage design and developement, sweepstakes vendor facilitation, schedule, and budget

Launch: April 1, 2015
Role: Lead Project Manager
Agency: Threshold Interactive

In March 2015, Butterfinger landed a huge opportunity to partner with world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao. Pulling together the forces of their PR and digital agencies, Butterfinger launched the Get In Our Corner campaign. To kick off the campaign, Butterfinger announced on April Fool's Day that the brand would be betting 1 million on Pacquiao to win the highly anticipated Mayweather Pacquiao boxing match.

In actuality, the April Fool's Joke was later revealed to have a twist – should Pacquiao win on his May 2 fight, Butterfinger would giveaway 1 million Butterfinger Cups.

The campaign ran all through April, featuring images and gifs on both Facebook and Twitter and even an animated video of Pacquiao punching Butterfingery crispety, crunchety goodness into a plain peanut butter cup. In addition, we launched a tout on ButterfingerCups.com which invited consumers to tune into the fight and return to the site to claim one of the 1 million Cups should Pacquiao win. We worked closely with Nestle's sweepstakes vendor to determine a plan of action for capturing consumer's information and fulfilling the 1 million Cups.

I was the lead project manager of this entire campaign, and it was an exceptionally incredible experience to see it come to life. Specifics of what I did during the two months are listed below.

  • Determined logistics for a photoshoot with Pacquiao with Nestle's talent management agency
  • Communicated directly with Pacquiao's team for asset approval and posting schedules
  • Managed communication and relationship between Threshold, Butterfinger, and our animating production company for the animated video.
  • Managed asset approvals and revisions internally for the social images, gifs, and web designs.
  • Managed the tech team during development of the pages.
  • Worked with the sweepstakes vendor and the brand team to determine requirements, scope, and budget.
  • Determine most cost effective way to pay out the 1 million Butterfinger Cups.
  • Created and maintained the ever-evolving schedule for the extremely short timeline
  • Estimated and tracked the budget
  • Kept the project under budget by spotting scope creep and efficiencies when possible