2017 Lexus IS Emerging Media Campaigns

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paid social media, digital ecosystem, production schedule

Launch: November 16, 2016
Role: Lead Project Manager
Agency: Team One

To launch the 2017 Lexus IS, Team One built two custom made cars, the Lit IS and the Sriracha IS. The Lit IS was covered in 41,999 LED lights, programmed with dynamic designs to react to music and movement, and the Sriracha IS was custom built as the perfect combination of Sriracha and Lexus from the unique Sriracha-colored paint job to the signature green brake calipers. To amplify the reach of our showstopping vehicles, we worked with digital media partners to create an emerging media campaign for each car.

We partnered with Thrillist and Buzzfeed for the Sriracha IS to create a digital ecosystem with a series of articles along with our paid social components that told a comprehensive story of the creation and idea behind the car. I led the communication between our media partners to make sure that all of the pieces of the ecosystem worked together exactly as our creative team had planned. I also managed the creation of paid social media assets -- a Facebook Canvas unit, an Instagram Carousel, and Twitter gifs. I also led the creation of props for the Sriracha IS launch video, including two completely custom hand embroidered Sriracha bomber jackets.

For the Lit IS, I led our communication and partnership with Wired. In collaboration with our Team One creative team and Wired's writing team, we created a custom article page that detailed the building of the car. I also managed the creation of the behind the scenes video of the Lit IS, which we featured in the Wired article. I managed creation of paid social assets for this portion of the campaign as well.