2018 Lexus NX Launch Campaign

campaign management, broadcast, print, out of home,
digital banners, schedule, budget, and cross-office management

Launch: September 21, 2017
Role: Lead Project Manager
Agency: Team One

I led the campaign marking the launch of the 2018 Lexus NX, which included deliverables for broadcast, newspaper, magazine, out of home boards, and digital banners. I took the campaign from its inception and concepting phases all the way through production and launch.

With my broadcast production and creative teams, I managed the creation of the broadcast spot, a complicated and technical ad that featured not only complex visuals of glass buildings but also a variety of the NX's safety features.

The strategy for the campaign emphasized the safety features of the 2018 NX, which meant that I needed to navigate my team through various legal quandaries and solutions to make sure we were able to substantiate the claims we wanted to make. This was true for both broadcast and our print materials.

This particular campaign was also a fantastic experience because it was one of the first campaigns that Team One embarked on that was led by the account team locaed in our newly opened Dallas office. With our campaign team split between California and Texas, I communicationed clearly and efficently between departments who could not talk to each other face to face. With my experienced management, I guided the team through obstacles that were both expected and unprecedented with the distance.