2017 Lexus IS Emerging Media Campaigns

2017 Lexus IS Emerging Media Campaigns

I led media partner communication in two emerging media campaigns for the launch of the 2017 Lexus IS: the Lit IS and Sriracha IS. Read More →

2017 Lexus April Fools' Campaign

Lane Valet: Lexus April Fools' Campaign

I managed the Lexus 2017 April Fools' Campaign, Lane Valet, which included not only social media components but a limited-run one-day-only broadcast spot. My work on this campaign earned me a Black Belt in Creative Art from my group creative director. Read More →

2018 Lexus NX Launch Campaign

2018 Lexus NX Launch Campaign

To launch the redesigned 2018 Lexus NX, I managed the entire vehicle campaign, which included broadcast, magazine, newspaper, out of home, and radio deliverables. Read More →

Butterfinger Manny Pacquiao Campaign

Butterfinger Manny Pacquiao
Get In Our Corner

Butterfinger teamed up with Manny Pacquiao for his May 2015 fight for the Get In Our Corner campaign. Read More →

Hot Pockets Stevie Johnson
Social Surprise and Delight

Professional football planer Stevie Johnson teamed up with Hot Pockets to surprise and delight his fans by delivering Hot Pockets to their offices. Read More →

Butterfinger Animated Creatures
Facebook Video Campaign

We produced a series of four videos starring amazing creatures, including laser cats, rock n roll dinosaurs, rainbow-loving sloths, and a unicorn / Jack Russell Terrier duo. Yeah, this project was awesome. Read More →